Corona 8 kanals Dual Conversion mottager

ny på markede og er spesielt utviklet for å gi maks beskyttelse Mikro mottager men med Full range, opp til 1,2 km.. Denne mottageren er helt  mot forstyrrlser og glitching. Vi har testet den med meget godt resultat. For orginalkrystaller, gå til siden Corona krystaller. 
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Among Corona receivers, from crystal receivers to synthesized ones, from single conversion receivers to dual conversion ones, from 4ch to 8ch, there must be one type suit for you.
DUAL Conversion Receiver
RS820II Receiver
CORONA never stops improving the receiving range.  RD820II has improved the receiving range as far as 1.8Km (checking range on ground).  If we use traditional technology, how big the receiver should be made to reach such a far receiving range?
Dual conversion receiver can eliminate mirror frequency interference efficiently.  Usually single conversion receiver uses IF of 455MHz, and there is 1MHz bandwidth of RF frequency (72.010MHz-72.990MHz).  0.445*2=0.910MHz, so if the transmitters of 72.010MHz and 72.910MHz (or 72.930MHz) turn on at the same time, single conversion receivers will be interfered from each other.  While dual conversion receiver uses IF of 10.7MHz, so RF frequency of 1MHz bandwidth will not happen mirror frequency interference.
Further remote control distance means more reliable control.  Even the reliability can compare beauty with PCM receiver.  PCM receiver has good reliability because it uses CRC code to fill up the wrong codes which leading by shortage of receiving range.  The signal will always seem to be fine ostensibly, but CRC code of PCM began to fill up “bad data cavity” which happens at times while exceeding half of the distance described by manufacturer.  PCM code wastes a lot of time to receive more data to fill up the cavity of “bad data”.  So usually we feel that PCM receiver has no glitch, while its response speed is less than PPM receiver.
We make control distance be further so that receiver can locate in stable RF Electromagnetic Field, it will make the reliability of Corona receiver approach to PCM receiver.  Meanwhile, its response speed will not be influenced.
With improved circuit design, RD820II advances IP3 performance apparently, and it can even compare beauty with all famous brand receivers around the world.  IP3 performance of a receiver is vital for serried R/C transmitters working at the same place.  A receiver with lower IP3 will still working fine when 1-2 transmitter with adjacent channel working in the same time, but once open the third adjacent channel transmitter, the receiver will lose control immediately if it has poor IP3 performance.
The light weight and small size of RD620II predominate in other receivers.  Furthermore, we have moved the crystals of RD820II to side face, which really improves the reliability of replacing crystals.
We have also improved DSP.  It can make more strictly filter about received signals and eliminate glitch efficiently.
You can put RD820II receiver in any place when you install it on whatever electric puddle-plane, 3D plane, glider or training plane.  And don't worry the trouble which will be brought by changing CG.
Strong reliability and anti-interference performance make RD820II receiver especially adapt to work with electric helicopter which flies at bad electromagnetic environment.  RD820II can work well even near high power motor (similar to TREX600CF) and 100A pulse current interference.
RD820II receiver has the structure of level inserted pin by special design and assorted with super thin electronic parts.  The thickness of RD620II receiver is only 7.2mm which make the installation more convenient.
Reliability, high performance and sale price, they are what CORONA can provide for you.

See the RD RD820ⅡUser Guide for more details.If you are interested in R/C technology, please look over the technologies that we adopt.



Size 1.4”x0.85”x0.3”(35x21.5x7.8mm)
Weight 0.29oz/8.4g(with shrink wrap)
Sensitivity about 2.0μV
Selectivity ±8kHz at 65dB down
Number of channels 1-8
Filtering Dual turned RF circuitry
Filtering Dual 4 element ceramic filter
Filtering DSP filtering in MCU with mild algorithm
Shift polarity positive or negative (auto-detect)
 Modulate  FM/PPM(pulse position modulation)
Case Shrink wrap
Operating Voltage 4.8V~6.0VDC
Operating Current 11mA