P-40 Flying Tiger

Denne inneholder full pakke m/sender, fly ferdig montert og testet.  Ha din egen dogfight i hagen sammen med en venn. Dette er noe det er lett å bli hekta på, utroligt morsomt fly.

Here's what you'll get when you Order:

One Classroom Fighter R/C Aircraft:
• Airplane with all components installed, trimmed and tested
• 10-inch wingspan airframe
• 0.38g Micro9 2CH Receiver (throttle and rudder)
• GB05 Gearbox
• Carbon Fiber Prop
• 0.22g HingeAct Actuator
• Strong paperboard box for portability and storage

HFX900 Transmitter
• 4 CH transmitter - Full Proportional
• 6 User Selectable frequencies
• Built-In lipoly Bahoma charger
• Connects to FMS Flight Simulator!
• 900Mhz ISM band USA, 868Mhz EU
• FCC and CE Approved!
• Requires 4 "AA" cells

• 20mAh LP20 Bahoma cell

If you already have an HFX900 transmitter, just buy this RTF plane and a battery and you're good to go)


GB05 4mm Gearbox with 3222 Carbon Fiber Prop

Carbon Fiber Propeller, Swiss engineered gearbox, and tiny 4mm coreless motor. The GBO5 gearbox gives these fighters a good thrust - weight ratio.

Lightest R/C Receiver

The world's lightest R/C receiver is one of the reasons these models fly so well. Fully proportional, but without adding dead weight to the airframe. 0.38 grams! (That's 0.013 oz ! ) As lightweight as it is, it still comes packed with good features, like Plantraco's Bahoma magnetic battery holder system - connect your cell to the airplane in about 1 second flat. Low Volt Protection and more.

Innovative Actuator for control surfaces

The HingeAct magnetic actuator weighs only 0.22 grams, but is powerful enough to kick the tail of these fighters around all day. The simple design is the key to it's success. It is a self centering actuator, and gives you an amazing 64 steps of full proportional resolution per side.

Multi Function Transmitter Included

The Full Proportional transmitter features 2 gimballed joysticks, a built in portable precision charger for the included LP30 lithium polymer Bahoma cell.