DP 3A ca 2g børsteløs speedcontroller

The DP 3A is a tiny (around 1gram) brushless speed controller built only for single cell applications and for current draw up to a maximum of 4A bursts.
This brushless esc is only to be used for Lipoly single cell applications where no more than 3A constant is needed.
High speed MCU. Fast resolution for snappy throttle response and excellent low speed timing.
Cell Protection, temp-protection, signal lost failsafe.
Smooth startup.
Linear Throttle
Supports 240,000RPM (2 poles) / 40,000RPM(12 poles)
Programmable via controller
Throttle range adjustable to suit different Rx types.

Cont. Current: 3A
Burst Current: 4A
Max Voltage: 4.2v
Weight: 1g
Dimensions: 11x13x8mm

Low Voltage Setting: 2.8, 2.9 or 3.1v (Stop motor or reduce power 50%)
Break: Off, Hard or Soft
Start Mode: Fast, Soft or Ultra-Soft
Timing: Low, Med or Adv.
Please be careful when using this product. Due to its size and delicate nature it is easy to overload this ESC. Only use single cell Lithium Polymer batteries and never draw more than 3Amps or never more than 4A for more than 10 seconds.