Her får du 2 fly i settet,et som er i EPP og farget og ett i hvit Depron som du selv kan farge i dine egne farger. Enkel å bygge fin å fly. Leveres med bøsteløs motor,speedcontroller,servoer,batteri og propell.
Complete Set. Included is a Depron and EPP version of the Sakura!

This new model represents superb value for money. Not only do you get 3 servos, a good quality AEO motor, speed controller, prop and all the carbon needed but you get two versions of the plane. For those of you who prefer a more precise model you can build the white depron version, or if you like to get a bit too close to the walls a printed epp version is included. If that wasnt enough, all the connectors are already soldered. The equipment included can also be used to fly the mini techone models and similar 40-50g aircraft.

Printed epp version of the Sakura
White depron version of the Sakura
ADH-50 motor made by AEO
5amp Brushless controller
3x micro servos with standard size 'JR' style connectors
GWS prop
All carbon needed.

Fuselage length: 451mm
Wingspan: 417mm
Flying Weight: 45-53g (with battery)

Please note this is not ready to fly. You still need to 'build' it. Anyone with shock flyer experience will find this very quick and easy. All you need is your own receiver, small 100-200mah 2cell lipo, glue, transmitter, charger and a spare evening to get it in the air.