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Leton Brushless 300XT

Ypperlig motor til mindre fly som Ikarus Shock Flyer og lignende modeller. Leveres med motorfeste i aluminium. KV-1300 rpm per volt

An excelent motor for the small indoor flyers sutch as the Ikarus Shock Flyers. Unlike the other motors in the range the shaft is reversed on the XT so the shaft projects from the rotating can end.

  • Battery Pack : 2-3 Lithium polymer cells
  • Current: 4 Amps continuous; KV 1300 rpm per volt
  • Prop: Direct drive 7" x 4" to 8" x 6" 
  • Body diameter: 25.6mm;body length 17.7mm; Weight 26g
  • Shaft dia: 3.0 mm